Innovation Data for Investors seeking predictive insights

We have developed a state-of-the-art database and a set of tools that provide unparalleled visibility of and access to a company's innovation estate. Our browser allows investors to find companies based on the products they bring to market and the research and developments they have undertaken.


Find companies based on topic
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We have rendered a complex and extensive dataset more accessible and digestible with our Knowledge Page. It offers a comprehensive, integrated and simplified summary of a company’s innovation and financial activity.

Knowledge page

Company financial and innovation data summary

Using our proprietary algorithm, we are integrating this information to produce a data-driven innovation rating that ranks companies based on their innovation activities. We aim to help investor’s determine a company's capacity to turn R&D investments into marketable products while forecasting long term variations in its overall value.

Innovation rating

Weekly updated innovation ratings

Based on these unique metrics, Hedgehog Finance helps innovation-minded investors construct high performance equity portfolios while rewarding business strategies that generate long-term returns.

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Source: USPTO
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Data Completeness

The comprehensiveness of a dataset is a daily struggle and constant work in progress. We have and continue to develop tools that insure the update and enhancement of our dataset.

Data Quality

Our integrated cross-referencing model identifies inconsistencies and conflicts between databases. Our dataset is also meticulously followed by an expert curation team.

Data Usability

Our data and ratings are primed for financial analysis and perfectly fit into Wall Street analyst workflows. Consolidation, integration, quality and usability allow analysts to only have to worry about one thing: finding alphas.